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A woman’s thoughts on Domestic Discipline

**One Woman's view based on my discussion of “roles” in the relationship

Joshua and I met on a forum for Christian singles interested in the domestic discipline lifestyle. While he had grown up in such a household, I had been fatherless and spoiled all my life. At the time I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted for myself but I was curious.

There has always been something in me that has been attracted to the concept of submission and to men worth the honor of my submitting to them. I don’t know why. I’ve long since given up asking myself that or trying to decide if I’m crazy or kinky, or whatever. I’ve learned to just accept myself the way I am and I think I’m lucky, because many people live their entire lives and never do.

About Joshua. He’s 6'2, and clean cut with hazel eyes and a good build from working on his father’s farm. He majored in agricultural science in college. Highly intelligent, affectionate, and a real Southern gentleman, he completely swept me off my feet from the very beginning. I never stood a chance.

We had our differences. I was a city girl and I’d majored in English, being more of the scholarly type than he was. I intended to study library science in graduate school, but ended up being a housewife instead. I reign Queen over a nice house with a fair sized amount of land. I spend my days making things nice for myself and my family. Being June Cleaver may not suit everyone, but it suits me.

Despite my curiosity, at the time of our marriage I was still very unsure about the whole domestic discipline thing. Joshua was though. He maintained that his parents had practiced it for twenty five years of marriage and were completely happy. And he was right. His parents are the kind of people that other couples look to in envy.

But that wasn’t what led me to accept his proposal. I married him because I was truly, deeply, whole heartedly in love with him. When you’re in love, you’re willing to do anything in the world for that special person. I knew that Joshua loved me and I knew he’d never hurt me, so when he asked me to marry him I never had a second thought.

I didn’t go into the marriage without apprehension. Despite what I’d read and conversations we’d had, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. He never once tried to lay a finger on me during our courtship. “A man has no business spanking a woman who isn’t his wife any more than he has making love to her.” he told me once.

As the date of the wedding grew nearer I had many questions about myself. Could I really be the woman he needed me to be? Would the life of a housewife really be fulfilling? What about the discipline? What if I came to fear or resent Joshua? What if I wasn’t tough enough to take it?

His mother had the most helpful answer to that last one.

“It isn’t about being strong or tough. The point of the whole thing is to eliminate stubborn, stiff-necked tendencies. It’s not about power…it’s about giving up power. It’s about complete trust in your mate. Do you trust Joshua?”

Yes, I did. And that’s why I married him.

Our honeymoon was just like anyone else’s would have been. We were away for two glorious weeks with only each other to think about. He was my first and I was his, and that’s a rare thing in this day and age.

Once we were back we set to work starting our new life together. I bustled around getting our nest in order and he went out and worked on the farm. I was happy, but still had a slight, edgy feeling of dread. I knew what my expected wifely duties were and I was still afraid of disappointing him.

It was toward the end of the first week back from our honeymoon as we were sitting on the porch steps drinking iced tea and watching the sun go down when he said casually, “Tomorrow I plan to give you your first spanking, Beth.”

My fingers tightened nervously on the glass. “But I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“No. You’ve been wonderful. This is just how this kind of relationship is kept healthy and well oiled. Regular discipline keeps gender roles firmly in place, and frankly, I think it’s good for woman’s emotional nature. My mother….who by the way gets one spanking a week…says it’s a good stress reliever. Honey, you’ve been like a hamster on a wheel all this week.”

“I’ve been busy.”

“I know. And a good cry will be good for you.” he said in a reasonable tone" And too….there’s an intimacy to it. You don’t understand yet, but you will.“

"When exactly?”

“Tomorrow night after dinner. If it makes you feel any better, I’m nervous too. I’ve never spanked a woman before.”

This was not overly comforting. It must have showed on my face.

“I won’t enjoy hurting you, you know. Some things are just necessary. It hurt when I took your virginity, didn’t it?”

Yes, it had. And I was still so tight that I felt discomfort whenever we made love…but the reward was well worth it. That’s just how some things are in life. I set down my glass and snuggled up against him. “I love you Joshua. Whatever you want.”

The moment of reckoning came after dinner the following day, just as he had warned me. Joshua had come in from checking the animals and said simply, “Beth, go up to our room, undress and wait for me in the chair by the window. I’ll be up after the news. Sit quietly and prepare yourself for your spanking.”

I did as he asked, following his orders with shaking hands and fingers. It was alarming to be so at the mercy of another person, and yet what a beautiful thing to have such love and trust.

I had to wait for a torturous half hour. I knew it would hurt and dreaded it. “If a man doesn’t bring his wife to tears, then he has failed her.” Joshua told me once. “Tears show that the spanking has done its job. Trust me….you’ll understand when you experience it.”

Nervously, I glanced at the basket beside the chair. It contained a cane, a belt, and a bath brush. I had a horror of the cane from an account his mother had told me of one being used on her once. She’d had welts for a week afterwards, but oddly enough, didn’t seem to mind. “I’d deserved it and after it was all over, I thanked him sincerely.” she’d summed it all up.

I could not imagine myself thanking anyone for putting welts on me and hoped I would never have the occasion.

My eyes moved to the belt, a supple length of thick brown leather. It looked wicked, like a whip out of some movie about the middle Ages. The bath brush didn’t look much better as it was heavy and made of thick, solid wood.

It was a relief when he finally came but there was a steely look to his eyes and a note of authority in his voice that was new to me. He sat down near me on the edge of the bed and said, “I’m going to spank you because I love you. I’ll be gentle this first time but it will still hurt. A spanking must hurt to be effective. Every Friday at this same time I intend to spank you. After this I’ll want you to come up here and get ready without being told.”

He paused, as though waiting for me to reply, but I was silent, head bowed. Suddenly I felt very humiliated by the whole thing and couldn’t meet his eyes. He was my best friend and lover but suddenly he had an air of authority about him that I felt compelled to respect. It was like sitting beside a stranger.

“Come over here and lay across my lap.” he instructed.

For the first time ever I didn’t want to go to him. At the same time, I knew I had to or it would only make things worse. Besides which, I wanted him to be pleased and proud of me, and that more than anything gave me the strength I needed to cross the distance between us.

My heart was pounding very fast as he hooked one arm around my waist to secure me over his knee. I felt ridiculously awkward and ungraceful hanging there like that like a bad little girl being punished for having a messy room. After one final warning to stay still, it began as his hand came down soundly on my bottom. It stung, but I think I was more startled by it than hurt. His hand came down again and began a constant rain of solid swats.

I closed my eyes and was glad he couldn’t see my face which I’m sure was scarlet. Yet despite the humiliation, I was experiencing an odd sort of epiphany as I lay there over my husband’s knee while he spanked my backside redder than my face. There was something strangely comforting about giving myself over to him so completely. I became more aware of my femininity and I became aware of a strange undercurrent of sexual energy that was almost palpable.. Maybe it was just because he’d never seemed so strong and…Male…before.

“I think you’re having a little too much fun.” he commented, though there was a slight twinge of amusement in his words. He almost sounded like himself again, my best friend, rather than the authoritarian stranger that he’d become when he’d walked in the room. I felt him lean down and reach under the bed for something and had only a moment to feel concern before something slapped across my bottom so hard that I gave an involuntary shriek of pain and surprise. It felt like the sole of one of my slippers, which indeed it proved to be.

Now he spanked me harder and faster and I realized that he had been gentle before. What I didn’t realize was that he was still being extremely gentle…it just didn’t seem so at the time. My bottom was starting to burn like fire and I was beginning to wonder if he’d ever stop. It was getting to be a struggle to stay still and accept what he was giving me. Again and again the slipper found its mark, searing my already chafed skin. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to hold out.

Finally I broke. Without warning, as suddenly as water spilling from a glass, all resistance ran out of me and I started to cry. For a moment I sensed hesitation on his part but then he only spanked me harder. I continued to sob quietly for another five minutes or so and found it strangely cathartic. It was just such a relief to give in to his will and submit myself to him body and soul. I’ve never felt anything quite so profound.

It was a few seconds before I realized that he’d stopped. When he let me up and I looked in his face I saw strong emotion in his eyes. Realizing that he’d also found this hard overwhelmed me with love for him.

I slid to the floor and settled between his knees. “Thank you.” I whispered, wiping away tears. It just seemed to be the right and natural thing to say somehow. I felt lax and warm and very aware of my femininity…of his masculinity as well. “Joshua….let me…” I whispered, reaching for the button of his jeans. “Let me do this for you. I want to love you like this…right here…on my knees.” Another thing that felt completely natural although I’d never done it before.

Eyes bright with passion, he nodded.

I unfastened his pants and freed his erection. Although I was inexperienced, I let instinct guide me. I made love to him with my mouth, sliding my lips up and down his length. His evident pleasure emboldened me and I found myself intoxicated by his musky, masculine scent and taste. I found that I was getting as much pleasure in giving as he was in receiving.

“Get ready, Beth.” he ground out with sudden urgency.

Hot, sticky fluid filled my mouth. After the first shock I found that the sensation gave me pleasure. There was just something so raw and intimate about tasting my husband’s semen while my backside still tingled from his spanking.

We locked eyes while he finished and then he said gruffly, “Come here.”

This time I had no hesitation in climbing into his arms. Urgently, almost roughly, he pulled me onto the bed and laid me on my back, parting my thighs.

I hadn’t realized how desperately aroused I was until his fingers plunged inside me and he lowered his head to lap my swollen clitoris with his tongue. My senses already heightened by the spanking, it took all of thirty seconds for him to make me writhe and claw at the sheets with a pleasure so intense that it almost bordered on pain.

Afterwards he held me, and I found myself crying again, though I couldn’t think why. “Now you understand.” he told me, kissing my forehead.

“Did I please you?” I asked wistfully.

“Very much — I’m so proud of you. You held so still for me and…Well….what came after was a nice touch. I can’t think of any better way for a woman to show submission and love to her husband than that.”

“I enjoyed it…I liked how you tasted.”

“So you should. It’s natural for a woman to crave her husband’s body…..as I crave yours.”

I drifted off to sleep shortly after that, wrapped in his arms and the sweetness of his words feeling utterly content, satisfied, and surrendered.

Her First Job

A Confession

When I interviewed for my first job in an office, I was sitting in front of the owner as he asked me questions. I looked around and realized, that at 20 years old, I was about 30 years younger than the other woman working there.

I had worn a short skirt and loose blouse – based on the fact that I had no college education and no real work experience, I had hoped that I could find a way to help in my interview.

It seemed to work, I notice he looked me over on a regular basis – he asked me questions and I tended to “add on” to what I could really do, hoping to make it seem like I had real world work experience. Finally, at the end – he said he would hire me on a tentative basis – provided I lived up to my answers and then, he inserted at the end, “ if not, punishment is usually a good way to help teach someone properly”. Not thinking much about it – I stood, shook his hand and found out I was to report the next Monday.

On the very first day – he gave me some sheets of numbers to add in to a spreadsheet – and he probably saw my momentary fear, but I recovered and said ok. After staring at my computer for about 30 minutes I asked one of the other women if she was familiar with spreadsheets. She smirked and said “Yes, I am surprised he hired someone who wasn’t”. I blushed and basically said that I may have over stated my ability a bit. She just chuckled and said “well, good luck sitting tomorrow “.

Not understanding – I went back to the owner and said, “I am sorry, I don’t think I know enough about the spreadsheets to do this properly – can I get some training?”

Gruffly he said – “You told me you knew about spread sheets. Was everything just a lie?” I broke down and started crying and then he just looked mad and said, “Be back in my office at 5”.

Wondering if I should pack up – I saw the other women looking at me, smiling and then leaving. Right at five I went into his office and he simply said – “why should I keep you if you are a liar and can’t do the work?” I began crying again and he simply stood up and closed the door – and said, “what did I say in the interview about not doing the work properly?”

Remembering back, but not believing it – I said “Punished?”

Nodding, he said simply said, “if you want to keep your job – that is correct”

Not knowing what else to do or say – imagining and telling my mom and dad yesterday that I was going to finally get a paycheck, all I could do was mutter, “ok”. What the heck was i supposed to do - i couldn’t tell my mom and dad that i got fired the first day - for lying especially.

Again, gruffly he said, “What?” – I blurted out “I should be punished”

Pointing to the table in his office, he said “you are too old to go over a knee – so, go over that table – hip against the edge and hands on the table”

“Nervously I did – never having been spanked before, I went up to the edge and then went face down on the table and put my hands on the surface”

As he came up behind me – seeing me tremble – he just said “nothing to be worried about – most people need a good firm hand every now and then” – “today, you will get a hand spanking – for being unable to do the work I required – and then you will get the leather strap for lying in the job interview and wasting my time. At the end, if you still want the job – if you handle the punishment properly, I will make sure you get training on things that will make you productive in the office, but then there will be weekly discipline until you actually are an asset to the company”

Not understanding – my mind a whirl, all I heard was keeping the job – and then, I felt my skirt being flipped up and my hands moved, and he firmly said “keep those palms flat on the conference table or you can leave now”.

Slapping my hands down, trying to imagine what I looked like, I felt a hand swat my bottom. All I could think was – “why did I wear the thin little sexy ones – not only is he getting a show, but they offer no protection at all”

My mind just left, as his hand continued to swat my entire backside – the fire grew as I figured my skin was bright red. Finally – he stepped back.

As I started to rise, he pushed me down and said – “we are only half way through young lady.”.

As he came up behind me, I gasped as I felt his fingers loop inside my panties – “Now, he said – let’s see what I have accomplished so far – and how much work needs to be done still, as I felt my panties sliding over my cheeks and down my thighs, all the way to my ankles. Telling me “lift your right foot, good girl, now your left foot “ I felt totally exposed with my panties off – and felt a weird feeling hearing a man, my dads age, telling me I was a good girl – was I crazy?”

Then he walked over to his desk, and out of a drawer he pulled out a leather strap that looked evil. He couldn’t possible think he was going to use that? Sure enough, he walked over behind me and said- “Now, you will get 20 with my favorite strap. You can ask any of the girls out there tomorrow – they all know how much better they worked after a few sessions with my little friend”.

Standing behind me – and then, adding to my shame he said, “spread your legs wide now young lady” –

Feeling like a young teen – I didn’t know what hit my tummy more, the fact that my backside was on fire, or my boss was looking at more of me than any boy I had ever been with before.

While I was trying to imagine what I must have looked like, he said “all 20 in a row – hands flat on the table- and show me you are a good girl”

Damn – he said it again – and as I tried to analyze my butterflies again – my mind and world froze as the first stroke of that evil strap crashed against both of my cheeks. Without a pause, the strap came down again and again – lost, crying – in another world – how does one beg for mercy and compliment someone for being so good at not missing any spot with that damn strap – so every inch of my backside was on fire?

After the strap stopped striking – he laid it down on the table next to my head, and then another hand began to softly caress my inflamed bottom. Soothing me by telling me he was proud of how I handled my punishment, all while slowing tracing his hand all over my bottom.

As his hand dipped between her legs,I gasped and knew at the same time he did, that I was wet.

Shamed, as he chuckled and said “you will fit in well with the other women here” – as he patted my bottom, he told me that he would give me a minute to compose myself, and then to go home, and he would see me tomorrow, and make sure I would begin to learn about spreadsheets.

It also began to dawn on me that at times, other women stayed after work, to meet with the boss..

He also reminded me, that every Friday until I was an asset to the company, I could expect regular discipline. Dropping my head, partially to hide my blush, I simply said “Yes Sir”.

Even Good Girls Need Punishment Spankings

“I feel guilty about something I did yesterday”, Louisa said. “It really wasn’t my finest hour, but I didn’t do anything that wrong. I mean it’s certainly what most people would do without a second thought. But it’s not the way I would usually behave. And, well, I feel bad.”

“And what should we do about this?”, John asked after Louisa had confessed her transgression in more detail.

Almost as if she was talking about someone else and someone else’s bottom, Louisa said “I think I would benefit from a hard punishment spanking.”

“Well then, I think that a hard punishment spanking is just what I’m going to give you. Come with me young lady.”

Louisa followed John to the bedroom, shuffling her feet as she went. John was now sitting on the edge of the bed with Louisa standing in front of him.

“You’re a good girl, honey”, John told Louisa. “But even very good girls are not perfect. They make mistakes and then they need to be spanked, don’t they, honey?”

Louisa shifted from foot to foot and looked down at the floor. “Yes, Sir”, she said in a little voice, kicking the ball of her left foot into the floor, her face partially hidden by her hair as she looked down as if the floor was suddenly fascinating.

“‘Yes Sir’ what, young lady? What do good girls who have been naughty need?”

“They need to be spanked, Sir”

“And how should a naughty girl be spanked, young lady?”, John asked in a firm voice.

Louisa did not answer, but kicked the floor again.

“Young lady, I believe I asked you a question” It was one thing to say in the abstract that she had been a naughty girl and needed a good hard spanking. But now that abstract idea was about to become reality. Louisa was going to get a hard spanking and it was going to hurt. Louisa answered reluctantly “Naughty girls should be spanked hard, Sir.”

“That’s right. Naughty girls should be spanked hard and then after they’ve had a good cry, it will all be better. Now go to the corner, pull your panties down and hold up your skirt so I can see that naughty bottom I’m going to be punishing.”

“Can’t you just spank me Sir? Why do I have to go stand in the corner. I hate standing in the corner.”

“Shall was add disobedience to your transgressions, young lady?”

“No, Sir”

Louisa went over to the corner of the room that she thought of as the punishment corner. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. Then she reached back and pulled her skirt up, holding it up so her bottom was on display. She leaned her shoulder and her head into the corner.

John thought that Louisa looked lovely with her bare bottom on display, her sheer panties around her thighs. He reminded Louisa of why she was being punished and told her that this would be a good topic to think about as she waited in the corner.

John let her wait in the corner for ten minutes while he read a book. He would glance up every once in a while to make sure that Louisa’s lovely bottom was entirely bared and once he scolded her when she let her skirt down a little bit. For Louisa it seems like geologic ages passed. She wished that John would just spank her and get it over with.

She heard John get up from the bed, move across the room and then return to where he was sitting.

“Come her Louisa”, John said.

Louisa shuffled over to John, her legs hobbled by the panties around her thighs. A little frisson of fear went through Louisa when she saw the bath brush that John used for punishment spankings in his right hand. “Well”, Louisa thought, “at least I’m out of that damn corner”

Without being told, Louisa lay across John’s lap. “Good girl”, John told her as he raised her skirt, which had fallen over her bottom.

“Do we need to discuss why you’re being spanked, young lady?”

“No, Sir.”

“Now I want you to ask me to punish you.”

Louisa briefly considered responding with “Why can’t you just bloody well get on with it. I don’t want to ask to be punished. I hate having to ask for it.” But her position, bottom bared, lying over John’s lap reminded her that obedience was a more prudent course. And being punished did entail things that one didn’t like.

“Please punish me, Sir”, Louisa said in a soft voice.

“I will, love. Naughty girls who are getting punishment spankings don’t get warm up spankings over their panties. They get it on the bare”, John reminded Louisa. “You’re being punished and it’s meant to hurt. I want you to be a good girl and stay still for me and take your punishment. Can you do that for me, honey?”

“I’ll try Sir.”

“Good girl”

John pulled her more tightly to him with his left arm as he brought the brush down on her right buttock, then the left. Louisa cried out. “Damn that brush hurt”, she thought.

John alternated cheeks, paddling Louisa hard with the brush. He gave her ten on each side and then let her catch her breath. He caressed her bottom. Her cheeks were starting to blush red, with deeper spots where the center of the brush had hit. All too soon, from Louisa’s point of view, the brush was punishing her again and she was crying out with each smack. She tried to count the strokes, but soon lost count. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she cried softly. She kicked her legs and clenched her bottom. John reminded her that she had earned extras for not staying still. She tried hard to be a good girl and lie still, but that brush hurt so much. She kicked again, trying to roll off John’s lap, but he held her tightly and reminded her again that she would get extras.

When the brush stopped punishing her, Louisa’s face was streaked with tears. John stroked her bottom, the skin blushed red and warm under his touch.

“I’m going to have to give you extras for not staying still, Love”

“But it hurt so much. I tried, really I did.”

“Spankings are supposed to hurt, honey. Now, I’m going to give you six on each thigh”

John brought paddled Louisa’s upper thighs with the brush, just below her bottom. The strokes were not as hard as they had been on her buttocks, but they hurt much more. Louisa cried out with each stroke, sobbing as she was spanked.

“Up you go now, Honey”, John told her. Louisa got up, a little unsteadily. She rubbed her bottom. John handed her a tissue and she blew her nose and dried some of her tears.

“Back to the corner, young lady. And keep that skirt up. I want to see that bare red bottom, you naughty girl.”

Louisa shuffled back to the corner. Her panties had fallen down around her ankles. She wanted to rub her bottom, but she knew from past experience that freshly spanked girls in corners were not allowed to rub.

John went back to his book. The problem with a hard paddling like the one he had just given her is that it makes the bottom numb. Waiting a few minutes would allow the feeling to return and would allow his naughty girl to fully appreciate her next spanking.

After another ten minutes John got up and went to the closet and got the cane. He piled two pillows on the end of the bed before calling Louisa over.

When she saw the cane she started crying again. “Please, Sir. I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”

“I know, Honey. Step out of your panties, please and lie over the pillows”

Resigned to her fate, Louisa obeyed and lay over the end of the bed.

“Spread your legs, Love”, John ordered

The pillows under her hips exposed the lower curve of Louisa’s buttocks and her pussy. Louisa felt open and available, ready to be fucked or spanked. Unfortunately, she thought, spanking, not fucking was in her immediate future.

“I’m going to give you fifteen strokes. Then you can have a little break and then you’ll get another fifteen. Are you ready to take your punishment?”

Louisa hated these little rhetorical questions during a spanking, but she obediently answered “Yes, Sir.”

John brought the cane down across the middle of Louisa’s bottom. The stroke burned across her bottom, which was already sore from the paddling he had given her. John gave her a stroke every eight or ten seconds. The cane left dark pink lines across her already blushed bottom. Louisa’s cries where soon followed by tears. John gave her a stroke across the lower part of her buttocks and she kicked her legs, squirming and rolling off the pillows as she cried out.

“Back into position, Love. You’ll be getting extras I’m afraid”

Louisa moved back over the pillows, obediently spreading her thighs, raising her bottom for the cane which was soon punishing her again.

“Put your thighs together, Honey. I’m going to give you your three extra strokes.”

Louisa put her legs together and the cane burned across to tops of her thighs as Louisa sobbed.

John sat down on the bed next to her and petted her hair. He told her that she was a good girl and that he loved her, which is why he had to spank her. John’s hand felt cool as he stroked the curve of Louisa’s hot cheeks.

John stood up, picked up the cane and crossed to the other side of the bed. He would give the final set of strokes from the other side so that both of Louisa’s buttocks would receive equal punishment.

Louisa cried through the rest of the caning, but managed to stay still and avoid additional strokes on her thighs. When John had given Louisa the final fifteen strokes of her caning he sat down on the bed and took her over his lap again.

John spanked her with his hand. He loved the way her hot cheeks felt under his hand. Louisa lay over his lap crying like a little girl. “I am going to finish your punishment with a strapping and an ass fucking” he told her as he spanked her. Louisa’s thoughts were filled with the pain of John’s hand punishing her sore bottom and all she heard was “strapping and ass fucking”.

“All right, Honey. You can get up now. I want you to get undressed and get the punishment strap.” John told her.

Louisa got up, her cheeks lined with tears. John sat on the bed, watching her undress, putting her clothes on a chair. When she was naked, Louisa got the strap from where it hung on the closet door. The “punishment strap” was actually a Scotch tawse, made from thick burgundy leather. John was standing next to the bed and she held out the strap for him to take.

Louisa knelt on the end of the bed, the arches of her feet over the edge, her arms and head down on the comforter, her thighs spread. John adjusted her position a bit so her bottom was pushed out, over her calves. “That’s a good girl”, he told her.

As John whipped Louisa with the strap, he would pause every once in a while to reposition her and remind her to keep her bottom raised. The crack of the strap across Louisa’s bottom was echoed by her cries, intermixed with her sobs. Louisa’s bottom was very sore and the strap hurt more than either the brush or the cane had.

“Spread your cheeks, Love”, John ordered as he put the strap down. Louisa reached behind her and spread her buttocks, her hot cheeks cupped in her hands.

John admired the lovely sight of the well spanked Louisa as he undressed. He preferred not to spank her as hard as he had, but there were times when he knew that she needed to be punished. His cock was hard with his excitement as he put the condom on and spread lube over it. Louisa was still crying when he moved behind her and pushed lube into her ass with his finger.

“I’m going to give you a punishment ass fucking now, Love.” He pushed the tip of his cock against her anus. “Come on, honey. Spread those cheeks and push back a little”.

John’s cock hurt Louisa a little at first as he entered her ass. When he was inside her she braced her hands on the bed. John started to fuck her hard, slamming into her punished ass and thighs. She was very sore from the spanking, and each time John pushed into her it hurt a bit. As John fucked her, Louisa promised to be a good girl and to never, ever be naughty again. God she wanted to come, but Louisa knew that naughty girls were not allowed to come during a punishment fucking. She felt the shudder of John’s orgasm.

Afterward John held her, telling her that she was his good girl. She had taken her spanking, he crooned and it was all better now.

Why Spanking as Foreplay Works -

An Article Post

I have mentioned, on many previous occasions, that women willing to take bare-bottom spankings will almost always end up sleeping with you. The following is my hypothesis on why it works. Note- I am talking about moderately painful spankings, not 10-20 odd smacks.

Important: Do not trick her, tie her up or otherwise coerce her into taking a bare-bottom spanking.

Almost every adult sees a bare-bottom spanking as something done to naughty children, even though they may enjoy it as adults. So how does this affect the dynamics of a new relationship?

The simple answer is that the spanker becomes the authority figure, the spankee becomes the naughty, and helpless, girl who has no option but to take the spanking. It is precisely for this reason that the spanking has to be moderately painful. A light spanking does not quite make the point about who is in charge.

If you are concerned about whether she can take it, let her know that it will sting and she will feel sore afterwards. As long as you are using your hand, her slipper or hairbrush, most will consent.

The spanking has to be hard enough to-

1. Make her squirm in a uncoordinated manner.

2. Make her kicking irregular and uncoordinated.

3. Should have to use her hand to cover her bottom.

4. She should beg (not demand) you to stop it.

5. She should be significantly wetter than when you started (monitor it as the spanking progresses).

My modus operandi is:

Step 1: Somewhere between kissing and her/your place.. she should already have received a few smacks on her clothed bottom. How you initiate it is up to you, but never be apologetic.

Step 2: If she does not like it, leave her.. it is not worth it. If she is a semi-willing participant, give her more. If she is anxious, let her know that it will be just your palm and her bottom (nothing more).

Step 3: Once you are in a private place, and more stuff happens.. push it further. You can either playfully exacerbate the spanking to get her over your lap/knees or just tell her that you want to spank her. Again, no apologies about your desires.

Step 4: Tell her that the panties won’t be completely removed till she wants to, but her pants/shorts must go. Hike skirt as necessary.

Step 5: Spank her on the bare-bottom (panties etc around her knees), but build up the intensity rather than starting at full power. Feel free to use a little moisturizer/lotion on her bottom (it makes the sting worser). Approximately 1 smack per second, alternate cheeks and aim for their fleshiest parts

Step 6: Somewhere around the 100-200 hard smack mark, most will start moving around and squirming. If you have positioned her properly, only one of her hands can reach her butt. If she tries to do that, grab and hold it against her back.

Step 7: If you are using your hand (palms) it will take about 400-500 hand smacks to get her to the point where she feels like a naughty helpless girl under your control. That is less than 10 minutes, and unless she bruises easily.. she will be pink and sore, but nothing else.

Using the hand allows you to make it sting without overdoing it. Remember that even 200 moderately hard smacks with a hairbrush or slipper will often make her cry (for real).

Step 8: By the 500 hand-smack mark, her panties will be either around her ankles or she may have already kicked them off. Use the hairbrush sparingly after that.. do not make it too painful the first time around.

Step 9: Keep on checking if she is becoming wetter, as you spank her. Feel free to play with her vulva and finger her a bit between spanks.

Step 10: After she had enough, according to you, give her a nice hug, lots of passionate kisses, rub her ass and play with her cunt.

Step 11: Let her recover for a few minutes. Some women will cry..don’t say a lot. Just comfort her like you would do if you knew her for years.

Step 12: After she has recovered, start escalating the sex play again.. but remember to maintain the dominant frame. Getting off the tiger is more dangerous than riding it.

It works because you have just made her feel like a helpless girl who is being dominated by a guy she likes.

She is getting her “forced by a brute who loves me fantasy” without anything worse than a sore bottom. The best part is that semi-consensual spanking without physical restraint and forced penile penetration would be hard to interpret as anything other than BDSM, if you get my drift.

Source: https://dissention.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/why-spanking-as-foreplay-works/

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